Practical Management of Food Allergies in Children 2016

Tuesday 1st November 2016

This popular annual course is a joint venture between King’s College Allergy Academy and Great Ormond Street Academy of Paediatric Gastroenterology.

This year’s programme takes us on a journey of Paediatric Food Allergy management in primary care to tertiary care, including presentations from Dr Robert Boyle reviewing the evidence for the use of hydrolysed formula in allergy prevention, and Dr George Du Toit looking at the influence of recently published LEAP and EAT studies on contemporary weaning recommendations.

In the afternoon we will discuss the extended role of the Paediatric Allergy Dietitian, have an update on food challenges, and hear from Polly James about her experience in Clinical psychology in food allergy. In addition we will be having a pros and cons debate on the use of stepping down from amino acid formula to an extensively hydrolysed formula.