Parent Advisory Videos

Parents and guardians often have a lot of questions about their children’s allergies. We have recorded the videos below to try to provide answers to some of the questions we are asked most commonly. Please click on the following categories to see if we can answer your question:

Managing Hayfever

My child is allergic to eggs, are they any vaccinations they cannot have?

Interview with Ollie Gallen

Part 2 - My experiences of food allergies life with Food Allergy

What are the laws about food labelling?

Immunotherapy for food allergy

Do I need to avoid all foods that ‘may contain’ the food I’m allergic to? 

My child is allergic to milk, what alternatives are available?

Should I eat nuts while pregnant or breastfeeding?

My child had a rash after taking antibiotics, what does that mean?

Should my baby avoid nuts?

I’ve heard that some people who are allergic to milk or egg can safely eat it if it’s cooked – is this true for me?