Diagenics Ltd is a UK company, founded in 1994 to provide products for routine diagnostics and research in a number of clinical areas, but with a particular focus on allergic disease.  Although we are a small company, the quality of the products we supply and services we offer through our knowledgeable and responsive team has enabled us to achieve a high profile and a reputation as a reliable partner.   

Since 1995, we have been the UK distributor for Allergopharma, a leading research-based allergy company, and we have become a major provider of skin prick test solutions for the diagnosis of type 1 allergy to NHS and private hospitals throughout the UK and Ireland. We also supply Allergopharma’s high-dose hypoallergenic vaccines for sub-cutaneous immunotherapy for pollens and mites.

Our second major area of interest is patch testing for the diagnosis of contact dermatitis. TRUE Test™, manufactured by SmartPractice Denmark, is a unique, ready-to-use method of patch testing whereby the test allergens are pre-incorporated into individual hydrophilic gel patches arranged in set panels on adhesive ‘dressings’.

TRUE Test™ saves preparation time and gives more reproducible results than traditional patch testing.

We maintain a strong interest in biomedical research and offer a wide range of ELISA kits and primary antibodies applicable in most areas of current interest.

 Diagenics Ltd, South House 3, Bond Avenue, Bletchley, Milton Keynes, MK1 1SW

+44 (0) 1908 376376


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