16th Food Allergy Study Day - Allergy Academy & Royal Society of Medicine Joint Event (2023)

Thursday 25th May 2023


8:15am Registration, tea and coffee

9:00am Welcome and introduction


Skin and food allergy session

9:00am Evaluating how the skin barrier may influence the development of food allergy

Professor Carsten Flohr, Chair, Dermatology and Population Health Science, King's College London

9:30am Can allergy screening tests help management of eczema? The test study

Professor Matthew Ridd, Professor of Primary Health Care, Bristol Medical School, University of Bristol

10:00am Can topical steroid management prevent the development of food allergy?

Professor Yukihiro Ohya, Allergy Centre, National Centre for Child Health and Development, Tokyo, Japan

10:30am Tea and coffee break


Delayed food allergy, mast cells and fiction

11:00am AAAI consensus on recognition and confirmation of mast cell disorders

Professor Catherine Weiller, Allergy and Immunologist, Mayo Clinic

11:30am Managing the gut as an allergic organ

Professor Guy Boeckxstaens, University of Leuven

12:00pm Lunch break


Presentation of winners of abstracts for the president’s prize

1:30pm Expression of virus-like particles using S.cerevisiae yeast for EV71 and CVA16 in hand, foot and mouth disease

Dr Yi Zhao

1:40pm A nurse-led, protocol-driven penicillin allergy evaluation from the hong kong drug allergy de-labelling initiative (HK-DADI): effectiveness, safety and real-world outcomes

Dr Andy Ka Chun Kan 

1:50pm Validating the 'Gabrin sign' for COVID-19 disease severity in patients with androgenic alopecia - an observational study

Dr Alpana Mohta


Food Immunotherapy: The next frontier

2:00pm Patient's experience of peanut oral immunotherapy

Alexander Robinson

2:30pm Boiled peanut immunotherapy

Nadinee Patel, Division of Cancer, Imperial College London

3:00pm Tea and coffee break


3:30pm Update in food immunotherapy

Professor Katherine Anagnostou, Baylor College of Medicine

4:00pm Multiple food immunotherapy

Sharon Chintaraja, Allergist and Immunologist, Stanford Medicine

4:30pm Comfort break


4:40pm Practicalities of oral food immunotherapy workshop

Professor Katherine Anagnostou, Baylor College of Medicine

5:40pm Close of meeting