#ALLERGYONLINE: Rapid Steps in Managing Allergies (RCGP Event)

Wednesday 30th September 2020


Course Information:

Hosted by the Allergy Academy and the Royal College of General Practitioners, the aim of this course is to equip healthcare practitioners with the skills and confidence necessary to diagnose and manage allergic disease in the community. Decision-making in the community is becoming focused on triaging, rapid assessments and making safe decisions, and our programme is built to cover a wide range of practical applications.

This time we focus particularly on distinct presentations which are especially relevant for children presenting with gastro-intestinal symptoms, eczema and suspected allergic reactions. 

Our discussions are targeted towards doctors and nurses working in the primary care setting, but any interested healthcare professionals are welcome to attend.  


Learning Objectives:

  • Being able to manage common gastro-intestinal presentations in children
  • Develop skills is assessing rashes and dermatological conditions remotely
  • Differentiating and managing IgE and non-IgEmediated milk allergies
  • Understand current understanding and guidelines for allergy prevention in children
  • Prescribing adrenaline appropriately
  • Managing asthma as a chronic disease in primary care


Topic Highlights:

  • Prevention of food allergies
  • Distinguishing milk allergy from other common conditions
  • Management of a wheezy child
  • Rapid decision-making for children presenting with gastro-intestinal symptoms
  • Managing allergic skin conditions remotely


Who Should Attend?

  • General practitioners
  • GP registrars
  • Foundation doctors
  • Paediatricians
  • Practice Nurses
  • Community Nurses
  • School Nurses
  • Health Visitors