Asthma Network Conference 2024

Monday 13th May 2024

The Allergy Academy is proud to announce this new face to face conference in collaboration with paediatric and adult severe asthma centres.


We will provide a panel of national and international experts to best inform practice.  This multidisciplinary day will cover a wide range of topics to enable safe, state-of-the-art care in adults and children presenting with asthma across the UK.


Our emphasis is on a holistic integrated pathway approach, from community to specialist difficult asthma care networks where required. Our speakers include expert opinion leaders, senior nursing staff, behavioural psychologists, pharmacists and clinicians with expertise in supporting best access for hart-to-reach communities. The day emphasises common themes between paediatric and adult care. Transition and inequality in asthma is a topic not to be missed. We will present the latest guidance in asthma treatments where conventional therapy is not sufficient including combined medicines, biologic and personalised medicines. 


 This Network Day is suitable for all healthcare professionals working with patients who have asthma, emphasising equity of access, prompt and evidence-based treatment in accordance with GINA, BTW and NICE guidance.


Topics include:

·       Best practice in accurate diagnosis, to spot high risk patients

·       When to consider exacerbation only MART treatment

·       Diagnosis of environmental allergy triggers

·       Lessening the impact of vaping

·       Pollution and asthma

·       Re-aligning inequitably care

·       Steroid stewardship

·       Referring into difficult asthma services